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 My Application to join UG Staff Team

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PostSubject: My Application to join UG Staff Team   Wed May 20, 2015 8:19 am

-Game Master Application Format-

Full Name:Punith.

End Of Information.

What Can You Do In Game:I can Help Players,Follow Staff Rules,And More.

How Can You Help People:By Fixing their problem, understand them and help.

Name Me 5 Gm Commands:
1./admin_god (Enables god mode)..
2./admin_kick (Dced the player for game).
3./Teleport (Teleports the player to our place).
4./admin_ban (Ban a player).
5./admin_wall (Displays a message to ever player).

Can You Manage Events: Yes.

What's A JJang: A Structure which appears on a Player.

Name Me 5 Gm Rules:
1.Do not kick a player from gamer or event without reason.
2.Do not Ban a player withut proofs.
3.Do not send any speacial item if the player doesn`t win a Event.
4.Spamming the room or lobby with admin commands.
5.Do not use admin powers in game rooms.

A Player Whispered You And Told You In Room 8 There's A Hacker What Action Will You Use:
If he is using hack i may post a thread with proof,if admin agrees he is hacker, then i ill Ban him.If he is not hacker then i will warn the player who PMed me.

End Of Questions.

-True Or False-
To Ban A Player You Use /admin_ban: Yes.
To Give Someone A JJang You Use /givejjang: False.Because not the command to give Jjang.
To Disconnect Someone You Use /disconnect [Player]: Yes.
If Someone Insults You Just Ban Him: False. Because its not included in Staff Rules.
If Someone Keeps Spamming Just Ip Ban Him: False.Because its not a big issue and  i will warn him.
You Can Ban A Hacker Without Proofs: False.Because without proof banning a player is equal to breaking Staff Rules.
Do You Know You Need To Work Hard: True.

Thank you for giving me a opportunity for joining UG Staff Team
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My Application to join UG Staff Team
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